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Welcome to Pitch Pardi

The Pitch Pardi pitch competition gives idea and early stage tech-enabled entrepreneurial ideas the platform, resources, and capital to take flight. Founded in 2018 as an extension of the 3rd annual Pardi Gras Ball, The Pitch Pardi's Black Hatch Fund will fund, accelerate, and incubate general market, tech-enabled ideas created by black and brown entrepreneurs in the Central Indiana area.


Rules & Format:
Each founder will have 5 minutes to pitch a total of 10 slides
Slides must review the following
- Welcome
- Problem
- Solution/Product
- Business Model (How You Make Money)
- Market size/Competition
- Team
- Financials/Ask (How much to do you need to start?)
- Compelling conclusion

Judging and Criteria
Judges will have 5 minutes to ask questions
- Creativity: Originality of the idea.
- Viability: Longevity, actualization, scalability, and profitability of the idea.
- Functionality: Usability of interface for the idea.
- Team/People: Who is your team and how will they make your company a success.
- Audience/Reaction: Live votes and cheers from the audience.

Each criteria is based on 3 points per criteria for a total of 15 possible points.

January 4 - Application Open
January 18 - Application Closes/Finalists Announced
January 23 - Pitch Coaching - Business Case/Business Brand
January 30 - Pitch Coaching - Personal Brand
February 6 - Pitch Coaching - Public Presentation
February 13 - Pitch Coaching - Powerpoint
February 21 - Rehearsal/Live Event
February 23 - Winners Announced @ Pardi Gras


Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 + admission to the accelerator

1st runner-up will receive $2,500 + admission to the pre-accelerator

2nd runner-up will receive $1,000 and admission to the pre-accelerator. 

All contestants will receive access to entrepreneurial services totaling over $10,000.