Hatching the next generation of black tech entrepreneurs through capital, resources, and networks.



We believe technology and entrepreneurship is the key to generational wealth for the black community.


The Stats


It will take 228 years for Black families to close the wealth gap.


Less than 1% of venture funding is awarded to Black founders.


Top challenges facing entrepreneurs of color: access to capital, double negative bias, funder diversity, and network.


The number of startups founded by Black women has more than doubled since 2016, yet the percentage of Black women–led startups is far less than the percentage of Black women in the U.S.


How Does Black Hatch Close The Gap?

The Black Hatch Fund will fund, accelerate, and incubate general market, tech-enabled companies to prepare them for launch, funding, and long-term success.



Black Hatch Fund will choose a co-hort of entrepreneurs who have great ideas and products that incorporate technology.


Capital & Resources

Blach Hatch Fund will invest capital and resources over a 12 month period to help scale and build ideas from scratch.



After 12-months, entrepreneurs should have a viable business and business model that is ready for launch and funding. Black Hatch will continue to work alongside its founders to ensure that their network builds and they connect with funders and resources needed to sustain their business.